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This course teaches you Spring MVC,Rest,ORM,etc

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Course Topics (Start Learning)

  • +  All Lab Documentations,Lab Code Download
  • Download the Password protected Lab Code and Documentation here : You need to purchase this course for free to get the password. PPTs, Lab Code and Documentation

  • +  Overview of the Spring Training
  • This course will teach you Spring Mvc,Spring ORM and Spring Rest in detail
    All you have to do is to see the video for each module, work on the lab exercises.
    Download Agenda Video Click Here..

  • +  Spring MVC Basics with out annotations
  • What is Controller ?
    Introduction to DispatcherServlet
    Implementing a controller without annotations
    Flow of request in Spring MVC
    HandlerMapping, Handler Adapter , View and ViewResolver
    LAB - Developing a simple MVC application without annotations
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  • +  Mvc Using Annotations
  • Writing a controller using annotations
    Using @Controller and @RequestMapping
    Possible return types and arguments for Controller methods
    @RequestParam and @PathVariable usages
    Formatting request parameters
    View Controller and Redirect View Controller
    Download Video Click Here..
    Download Video Click Here..

  • +  What is Root Context and Context Loader Listener ?
  • Root/parent Context and Child context
    ContextLoaderListener and its purpose in detail
    LAB - Developing a Real MVC Application (Way2Learn App)
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  • +  Handling Static Resources properly
  • mvc:resources and its usage
    Caching Static resources
    LAB - Accessing static resources in Way2learn App
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  • +   Convention over configuration, Handler Mappings,Handler Adapter and Interceptors
  • conventions for model attribute names
    Convention for view names
    Shortcut for adding single model attribute
    Accessing Request data using annotations
    @CookieValue and @RequestHeader
    RequestMapping HandlerMapping and RequestMapping HandlerApater
    Configuring More than one handler mapping
    Why handler interceptors ?
    Writing your own HandlerInterceptor
    Configuring Interceptors
    LAB - Applying interceptors
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  • +  MVC App using Java Configuration
  • @EnableWebMvc
    customizing @EnableWebMvc by implementing WebMvcConfigurer or extending WebMvcConfigurer adapter
    Enabling default servlet handling
    Adding static resource handlers
    Adding view controllers
    adding interceptors
    Configuring in web.xml for Java configuration
    Going without web.xml
    Implementing WebApplicationInitializer
    Extending AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer
    LAB - MVC using Java Configuration with and with out web.xml
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  • +  Spring Boot Introduction
  • What is Spring Boot?
    Spring boot maven dependencies
    What is @EnableAutoConfiguration is doing behind the scenes
    Diving Deep into various AutoConfiguration classes
    Externalizing configuration in Spring Boot
    Accessing Command line properties
    Application properties
    @Configuration Properties
    Configuring DataSource using Boot/
    TypeSafe Configuration Properties
    LAB - Using Spring Boot
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  • +  Spring MVC using Boot
  • DispatcherServletAutoConfiguration
    AutoConfiguration of InternalResourceViewResolver
    Adding Resource Handlers in Boot
    LAB - Using Spring MVC using Boot
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  • +   Spring Tiles
  • Creating a template using tiles tag library
    Accessing template from JSP page
    Creating Tiles definition file
    Integrating tiles in Spring MVC
    Configuring TilesViewResolver and TilesConfigurer
    LAB - Integrating Spring with tiles
    LAB - Tiles with Spring Boot
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  • +  Handling Exceptions
  • Handler Exception Resolver
    Using @ControllerAdvice
    LAB - Exception Handling in Spring MVC
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  • +  Internationalization
  • Configuring ResourceBundleMessageSource
    LAB - Internationalization in Spring MVC
    LAB - Internationalization in Spring MVC using Boot
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  • +   Personalization using Themes
  • What is a theme?
    Applying themes in JSP
    LAB - Applying themes in Spring MVC
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    Download Video Click Here..

  • +   ViewResolvers in detail and Content Negotiation
  • What is a View?
    Resource (URL) Based views
    Writing a custom ExcelView
    ViewResolver Chain
    What is Content Negotiation and ContentNegotiationViewResolver
    Various configuration options of CNVR and ContentNegotiationManager
    LAB - Doing Content Negotiation
    Download Video Click Here...

  • +   Form Handling
  • Accesing Request params using @RequestParam
    @ModelAttribute and @SessionAttributes
    Handling Binding Errors
    Displaying Binding error using Spring form tag library
    Using BindingResult and SessionStatus
    Customizing TypeMismatch error messages
    Providing Form reference data and using form:select Redirection and Flash Scope
    LAB - Form Handling
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  • +   Custom Formatters
  • Available formatters and using them
    What is ConversionService?
    Writing and registering a CustomFormatter
    LAB - Writing a custom formatter
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  • +   Validation
  • Using JSR 303 validation annotations
    Using @Valid to trigger validations
    Configuring for Validation
    Customizing validation error messages
    Writing a custom validator
    LAB - Writing a custom Validator
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  • +   Mock Mvc Testing
  • Using MockMvc
    LAB - Testing Controllers using MockMvc
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  • +   Spring Hibernate and Spring JPA
  • Configuring LocalSessionFactoryBean
    Configuring HibernateTransactionManager
    Configuring LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean
    Configuring JpaTransactionManager
    Exception Translation
    LAB - Using Spring Hibernate and Spring JPA
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  • +   Spring Data JPA
  • Idea behind Spring data
    Pageable and Page
    Writing Custom Query Methods
    Custom Repository Definition
    Defining Queries using @Query
    Manually inplementing repository methods
    LAB - Using Spring Data JPA
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  • +   Spring MVC REST In depth
  • Basics of REST
    Discussion on REST Architectural principles
    Content Negotiation
    Exception Handling
    Http Entity
    Client using Rest Template
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  • +   Spring Hateos
  • Link Building API
    Controller Link Builder to build links
    Resource Support
    Resource Assemblers
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  • +  Hands on: 10 Hrs
  • If you purchase the course videos, You will get not only the videos but also documentation, problem and solution programs also. All you have to do is read the instruction in the document corresponding to the topic, then go to corresponding problem program. Implement the solution as shown in the video. If you are thinking that it's difficult to implement the solution, don't worry we have attached the solution also with the document.

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