Trainer Support For Self Paced Courses
This Course Has Trainer Support

You : What is trainer support?

Way2Learn : You may get some doubts while watching the videos. How can you clarify them? For clarifying your doubts our trainer is available in the online. So you can contact him and clarify your doubts.

You : How can I contact the trainer and when he will be available in the online?

Way2Learn : You can ask him doubts face to face in Go to Webinar every Friday morning 6AM to 8AM.
Kindly click here to see the Goto Webinar Links and register by clicking on links

You : What is Goto Webinar and How can I register for attending Goto Webinar?

Way2Learn : Goto Webinar is a software similar to Goto Meeting by using which few set of people can communicate online and can share their Computers screens. Please see any tutorial video on YouTube to know hot to use Goto Webinar. Kindly click on any one of the links above to go to Goto webinar site and follow the user friendly instructions there to register for that webinar.
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