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Way2Learn Courses

  • What is a Way2Learn Course?
  • Way2Learn : In way2learn, a course is nothing but set of password protected videos, which let you to learn the course in depth in a systematic way with practical examples. The course comes with set of videos, ready made code examples and lab documents. Code examples comes in two flavors , 'start and solution' projects.

    You : OK, I understood what's a course and what's it comes with. But what is this 'start and solution' flavors?

    Way2Learn : Well, If you want to practice our real time examples by typing code yourself, then you can use start flavored project, where you can find some empty(to-do) blocks and write code in there, run and check output. While working with start project you can take help from videos and lab documents.

    You : What if I get bored writing code all the way myself for checking output of your 'real time' examples or What if I want to spend time in some other little important works like eating my PIZZA before it becomes cold?

    Way2Learn : Don't worry, this is where second flavor(solution flavored project) comes in. Solution project comes with complete set of code, which you can run directly without even writing one line of code into it and check output within seconds.. Isn't it cooool?

    You : Yah, It's really cooool. I wanna grab some courses, where can I go?

    Way2Learn : Click here for seeing courses offered by us.

  • Why I have to purchase course from Way2Learn, I will join a class room training?
  • Way2Learn : Of course, you can join a class room training, but...

    You : but.. what..?

    Way2Learn : uhmm.. there are some advantages if you purchase way2learn course

    You : Advantages..? woww.. What are they tell me.

    Way2Learn : In a class room training you can listen to course only one time, in way2learn you can listen the course videos as many number of times as you want.

    You : That's very common advantage of videos right??

    Way2Learn : Could you please let me complete???

    You : Sorry, carry on.

    Way2Learn : The price of way2learn courses are one third of class room courses. i.e. Hadoop class room course 20,000 INR where way2learn price is 6,000 INR

    Way2Learn : In class room training you dont know the quality of training until you join it, what if you realize the trainer is pathetic?? will you get your money back?? but here in way2learn, you can get all the course for free of cost for three days. You see all the videos, if you like our quality then only purchase them.

    You : It's becoming coooooool..

    Way2Learn : If you really think the videos are cool, then refer your friend, and you will get 1000 INR as referral bonus if your friend too purchase first course in way2learn. You can refer as many friends as you want.

    You : It's really nice offer, I wanna grab it, where can I refer friends?

    Way2Learn : If you wanna refer friends first you have to login into way2learn, Login and refer friends here.

    You : Are there any other ways to earn money here?

    Way2Learn : Yes, one more way is there. Once you Login into way2learn first time, you will get a mail that consists Earn code, by using Earn code also you can earn money. for more details click here

    You : It is really great, I will join, grab some courses and earn money now..!

  • Can I join class room in way2learn?
  • Way2Learn : Sorry dear, right now we are offering only self paced courses.

    You : When can I expect class room training?

    Way2Learn : Hmmm, We are working on it, we will inform you soon, be in contact with us by dropping a query here.

  • Is Way2Learn price low compared with class room training?
  • Way2Learn : Of course, yes. Our price is one third (1/3) of class room training price.

    You : Is the quality of course compromised, is that the reason why your price is low?

    Way2Learn : You are absolutely wrong, we are going to sell these videos world wide and this is our start so for promotional purposes we are selling videos at low cost. Sooner or later we are going to hike the prices. So grab them before we hike them.

  • What is legal way of using courses?
  • Way2Learn : If you have purchased a course, you will get videos, lab instruction manuals and code examples. You can use them for your individual learning purpose.Even You can watch those videos and practice the code with your friend sitting next to you. But you should not share them with your friend(i.e.Don't give them to your friend) let him too purchase course here, and you will get 1000 INR as referral bonus(If you refer him). Even you share them with your friend, he can't access them at his computer because they are password protected. Read more terms and conditions here.

    You : Why can't I share videos and content with my friend?

    Way2Learn : Because we want to stop piracy of our videos, and we want every one to purchase genuine copy of our videos. That is one more reason why we are selling them at low cost(one third 1/3 of industry standard cost of courses).

  • What if I want to see videos in more than one computer?
  • Way2Learn : Sorry folks, you can watch the videos only in one machine. If you wanna watch them in more than on PC then you have to purchase twice.

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